Murcia aquaculture

Key Personnel


Mariano Vidal Torrano. As the CEO of the company he will be the Project Coordinator and the Commercialisation Manager. He is the head of the research department and the manager of all commercial activities performed by TILAMUR. He has wide experience in the aquaculture sector, especially focused on tilapia farming in water recirculating systems in greenhouse. He designed the entire system of monitoring and parameter storage under different environments. He also has an extensive knowledge in commercialisation of products, customers’ management and selling activities as he has been developing this activities since the creation TILAMUR.

  • Dr. David Verdiell Cubedo. He is a researcher specialized on fish biology and ecology at the University of Murcia . He has provided experience in several national and EU research projects (Life Programme). He has practical experience on projects related to water quality monitoring using fish as indicators in water-treatment plants. In TILAMUR he is focused on advising about fish farming techniques.  verdiell
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  • José Luis Linares Hernández, an agricultural engineer, has wide experience in the field of vegetables production in aquaponics systems.Worked as assistand and advisor for the emvironment  regional Goverment. European projects:   CORINE, DESERNET I and II and INAPRO. In charge of large deployment project: Study of biocenosis and algae distribution. Study for able acuiculture areas in open water along seashore and Meristemum project. His experience in the Agricultural and Food Research and Development Institute of Murcia is necessary for the will be necessary for EASYFeed.
  •  Jose Antonio Vidal Torrano
  • is agricultural engineer by the University Miguel Hernández. In fact, his experience with   hydroponic systems  and nutrient solutions will be key for the EASYFeed project TILAMUR and INAPRO engagement.
  •  Francisca Vidal Franco. She holds a diploma in accounting and Business manager, began his career as administrative in different companies y Murcia (Spain); then, as an independent board, she has been since the beginning in the TILAMUR actions that crystalizes in the present proposal.
  •  Ileana S. Ghilarducci. Accounting Manager, in charge of financial supervision. Bachelor in Accounting and Business Management, purchasing coordinator/Cost and pricing analyst. She worked as Staff Director Assistant in different companies in the USA for more than 15 years. Her wide expertise gave her an extensive network and knowledge of the food